Every superhero needs a sidekick!

So I thought it would be fun to start off this blog and the Easter weekend with some excitement! Most of our family has been in on the big secret but now we are finally ready to share with our friends and I guess the world wide web.

I will let this picture of my one year old tell the news…

Big brother

So yeah! We are are expecting baby #2 in October! We are very excited and I look forward to future posts on my pregnancy. I can tell you right now that this pregnancy has been very different from the first and not so much fun so far. But I am finally getting out of the first trimester and starting to feel better!

Now off to enjoy the beautiful weather and the rest of the Easter Weekend! Also here are a few more pictures of the cute big brother in his adorable t-shirt. IMG_1356tshirt1DSC_0120

Happy Easter everyone! God bless you all!

-Mama Belly -Lili

Welcome to the Happy Bellies Blog!

life events collage


It has seriously been the fastest and most eventful three years of my life and I have finally decided to start a blog about it. I feel that is important to be better at documenting life events especially big ones like finding your match, getting married, moving across the country, having a little something called a baby, and purchasing a new home! WOW and Yes! There is so much to be thankful and grateful for and I am kind of bummed that it has taken me this long to finally write about it, celebrate it all, and look forward to more life changing events that involve making this little family happy!

I hope you enjoy future posts about raising a happy family through my love for God and expressing it through my new adventures as a homemaker!

Did I just really call myself a “homemaker?” Yes, yes I did and you know what I like it, actually I love it. It is what I am now and I feel very lucky that my family can afford for me to be one.  As a homemaker, I help manage and make my house a home daily. It may not be perfect. I mean come on, I cant seriously keep up with the laundry and endless stack of dishes all the time with a toddler running and climbing all over the house. But somehow it eventually all gets done and it amazes me when it is. Even if a clean house only stays clean for a whole 5 minutes 😉

I look forward to sharing the food I prepare my family via photos and recipes. I hope to have weekly posts about my thoughts on Catholic traditions and how we honor them in our home. Of course there will also be many miscellaneous posts about our life and the adventures we go on!

So please check back soon and often for future updates and posts!


Mama Belly – Lili