Welcome to the Happy Bellies blog! Where I share how my family fills bellies with our love for our faith, family, and the food we eat.


Hi, I am Lili. A catholic convert, wife, mama to a one year old boy, and a homemaker. I am an Oklahoma gal that was recently transplanted to Northern Virginia. I attended University of Arkansas and have an architecture degree. I worked for three years in the design field and then God decided he had different plans for me and I love his plan so far! I became a Mother in January 2014 and that little bundle of love has changed my life for the happier.


I married the love of my life in December 2012, 2 years after meeting on a little dating website called match. Agi loves making me laugh, smile, and feel like the most loved woman on the planet. We love dorking out together by making up silly songs, watching goofy youtube videos, and making crazy faces at our son. He is a cradle catholic with a beautiful devotion to Mary, a great writer with handwriting to be jealous of, a good Samaritan (truly is always helping others), and has a serious video game habit.


Roman is the cutest little boy in the world, no bias at all. At just one year old he already displays his love for Jesus by pointing to the crucifix everyday and proclaiming “dah”.  He loves to play all day and lucky for me, he actually sleeps all night (knock on wood). This boy keeps me busy all day everyday.


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