6 months pregnant with baby #2

6 months pregnant

Wow! Time is flying by and I am so behind on keeping up with the blog. I am actually 28 weeks ( Third trimester!!) pregnant as I am typing this up but I will talk about the 6th month for this post. I definitely felt great through the whole second trimester. The exhaustion was gone from the first trimester and I was not uncomfortably big yet. Although I am starting to get there now!

SIZE OF BABY: At 26 weeks, baby is approximately 1.5 pounds and over a foot long! Baby could survive outside the womb with medical help!

BABY BUMP: The bump has rounded out and is popping out for all to see. It has been fun dressing the belly in some new maternity clothes. I have had to get alot of new stuff because my last pregnancy was mostly in the fall/winter. So a new summer maternity wardrobe for me 🙂

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: At my 24 week appointment I had gained an additional 4 pounds. So total I had gained 8 pounds! I have already gained a few more since and I have a feeling I am going to end up gaining more weight in this pregnancy than my first. ( I gained about 35 pounds with Baby #1).

MAIN SYMPTOMS: Still Frequent Urination and also random nose bleeds. I don’t know if that last one is a pregnancy symptom?

FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS:  Still eating pretty normally but been on a major chocolate chip cookie kick! I make some every week and my hubby enjoys it too!

CRAZIEST MOMENT: My pregnancy hasn’t been that crazy which is a blessing. But with an impending huge trip at the end of the month I think there are bound to be some crazy moments in the last trimester!

My toddler makes each day seem a little crazy especially in the afternoon. Here are a few pictures of his shenanigans that keep me chasing him and laughing all day!


BEST MOMENT: I got a few “Big Brother” books for Roman to start getting him used to the idea of having a little baby around and after about a week of trying to get him to look at them, he finally picked them up himself and brought them to me. He now loves these books! It melts my heart every time he kisses my belly when I ask him where his brother is! I am not totally sure he doesn’t think my belly button is his brother…but that’s okay for now!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our huge summer adventure in Scandinavia! We are heading to Sweden to meet up with all of my hubbies family at the end of this week! It will be a two week vacation to remember! Pray for our travels and my sanity with a toddler on some long flights, train trips, and car rides! I have been busy trying to get ready for this trip and will hopefully have some good advice about traveling to Europe with a 18 month old! My mini trip last month was a good trial run and I learned a few things but I know this one is going to be a whole new level of traveling adventures.

In Christ,

Mama Belly- Lili