5 months pregnant update with Baby Boy #2

5 months collage

I cant believe I have entered into my 6th month of pregnancy. The Second trimester has been awesome so far! I think my belly looks about the same in those pictures above but I feel like when I am out in public, people have finally been acknowledging that I am pregnant in the last week.  I love being asked “when are you due?” and it’s because I really enjoy the whole pregnancy thing. It is such a miracle and I want to enjoy the relatively short 9/10 months that it is. I feel like I am already getting to know this little person growing inside of me. I love feeling the little flutters and even though it can be kinda painful when I get a kick to the ribs, I try to make it positive. My little man just wants my attention 🙂

SIZE OF BABY: At 22 weeks, #2 is approximately 1 pound and almost a foot long! He still has a lot of growing to do!

BABY BUMP: Like I said above, it looks about the same in all the pics but I have definitely popped and people are noticing 😉

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: At my 20 week appointment I had gained a total of 4 pounds. But I think I have gained an additional 2-3 since then. My doctor said to start gaining a pound a week from and I think I am on track for that.

MAIN SYMPTOMS: Frequent Urination. Seriously. I think that is honestly been the biggest thing. I run to the bathroom a lot during the day and usually can make it through the night with only getting up once.

FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS: Eating pretty normally again. Not having any issues with meat or fish anymore which is good. But I have been having some major sweet tooth action. For example, I have been really craving some chocolate sprinkle donuts this week…have yet to find a good one in this area though…wah wah.

CRAZIEST MOMENT: I cant think of anything too crazy related to the pregnancy. Maybe that is part of “pregnancy brain”, to forget the stuff you don’t want to remember. Life has been kinda crazy in general just trying to entertain a very active toddler. I have been trying to take him to different activities around the area just so he stops rolling around on the floor out of boredom. Also, I might be going crazy because I read the same books to him everyday 5 times!! Memorized most of them word for word. My husband is impressed by it actually.

BEST MOMENT: Finding out we are having another Boy at our 20 week ultrasound! We obviously would have been happy no matter what but I love that Roman is going to have a little brother to play with! See our gender reveal. We have been running into more families with lots of little boys and it has been great to see all that brotherly love even though it can be a little rough at times. I see a lot of living room wresting in my future.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Meeting this little man of course, but also just getting through some summer travel plans. I love the vacation and seeing family parts but am stressing over the travel. I will keep the blog updated on traveling while pregnant with a toddler in tow! Hopefully I will have some helpful tips to share and not to many “don’t do this” situations. We will traveling via plane, train , and automobile over this weekend so…Please pray for my sanity.

In Christ,

Mama Belly- Lili