Superhero Gender Reveal for baby #2! It’s a…


Alright the big day is here! We are half way through the pregnancy and found out the gender of baby #2 just a couple hours ago. We are so thrilled with the news and wanted to make it extra special for our first child, Roman. We have been doing superhero themed stuff for him since he was born so we decided to stick with that idea for the gender reveal.


Roman and I went to the “Build-a-Bear” store earlier this week and picked out a bear and two outfits, one superman and one wonder woman outfit. As soon as we found out today, I dressed the bear in the gender of the baby and put it back in the box so that Roman could open it and find out what his new sibling or sidekick would be. Although, I am sure he does not understand the concept or that he is even getting a sibling yet, it was really fun and I am glad we will have the pictures to show them in the future.

So without further delay….ITS A ….


BOY!!! Superman!




We are so excited that Roman is going to have a little brother to pal around with. They will only be 21 months apart so I am sure they will have a blast growing up together. I am so excited that we already have all the boy stuff and we are not going to go broke buying girl stuff…because let’s face it there is so much cute girl clothes out there. We can now start planning out there future shared bedroom too. 🙂 Bunk beds are in our future for sure.

Baby boy #2 is also looking very healthy and measuring exactly to the due date of October 9th. We are very blessed and thank God for it all.

With Love,

Mama Belly- Lili